Ben Solo


This is the archive page for Ben Solo. Mr Solo has temporarily hung up his guitars, synths and sequencers and is working on other projects at the moment. You can of course still hear the best of what’s left of the three albums produced by Ben Solo on this page.

Somewhere Between the Horizon and the Sky

For some great people... past, present and future.

“Somewhere between the horizon and the sky has many dimensions that draw on several different influences and styles, all of which converge on the running theme of challenging thought, remembering the past and thinking of the future. It targets the primal feelings in all of us; fear, sadness, joy, apprehension, love.

One ever positive message I want to be clearly shared from the creation of this project is that there is always hope in all that we do, there's always going to be a redeeming thought or a solution to be found… life is tough and then you die… but in the meantime you may find the answer to your problems somewhere between the horizon and the sky." (Solo)

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